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Stop Letting Your Fears Control You

Mike Iamele

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I’ve got something honest to say today: I’m afraid.

I’m totally afraid. That my business isn’t growing fast enough. That I’m not making the right connections. That I’m not writing enough articles. That I’m a fraud.

At least once a week, somebody calls or e-mails me to ask me for advice on how I grew my practice so quickly. Because my SEO is great, and I get paid to speak, and I have an amazing office with interesting clients, and I shell out advice every weekday on here.

But, inside, all I can think is, “My practice isn’t full, and I’m terrified no one will come to my next talk, and I’m scared what people will think, and I’m a total fraud.”

I’m so scared that I’m not living up to some idea that people have of what it means to be successful. So how can…

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A criticism of CouchSurfing and review of alternatives

I think people who travel, especially backpackers need to read this.

All that is wrong with the world...

Table of Contents

Free Accommodation
The “CouchSurfing Spirit” and Super-Hippies
Problems with CouchSurfing
……..Fraud and illegal behavior
……..The Verification Scam
……..Privacy Concerns
……..References and the lack of a dispute resolution process
……..Hospitality Club


For the last six years I have been traveling a lot, being in a different place every few months. Early on when I started my travels I was made aware of GlobalFreeloaders, and at a later stage CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club. The concept behind these sites has is referred to as hospitality exchange. The general idea behind hospitality exchange sites or communities is that when you visit a country, you find a host you think you will get on with and stay with them, instead of at a hotel or hostel, the advantage being that you get to save some cash while getting a more accurate taste…

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You Deserve the Best: 3 Ways to Accept Nothing Less